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Army CID

Military Law Enforcement


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Army Home Page

Army A to Z

A to Z Index of US Departments and Agencies

Army Retirement Services Office (AKA Soldier for Life)
Army Echoes    
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Army Retired Soldiers Handbook * * *

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Military Recreation

Report Suspected Criminal Activity


Forensic Science


Government Documents (search via LSU)

Library of Congress Research Services

Fast People Search (one of the better free people finder websites)

Other CID-Related Websites

CIDAA Group - Florida

Retired MP Officers

MP Regimental Association      MPRA Gift Shop (includes some CID Memorabilia)

Military Law Enforcement

Army CID Command's Home Page

Like any other law enforcement agency, Army CID Command needs the support of the military and civilian communities to help wage the war against crime which transcends community borders. If you have information concerning a crime committed against the Army, one which may have been committed by a member of the military, or one committed by anyone against a member of the military, you can provide that information in confidence by visiting the following link:


NCIS (Formerly NIS)

Army JAG Corps

Military Police History

DOD IG Hotline

Army Military Recreation

Army Recreation Centers at
American Forces Travel      
Available to active duty, active reserves, military retirees, AND honorably discharged veterans
Armed Forces Vacation Club

The New Sanno Hotel - Tokyo

Space-A Travel (not a US Gov't website)

Million Mile Secrets (not a US Gov't website)

Other Links

Department of Defense

Department of the Army

Medal of Honor Grave Sites at Arlington National Cemetery
CIDAA member Alfred L. Cummings (RIP) produced many of the headstone photos shown at this Home of Heroes website

Assn. of Former OSI Agents

NCIS (NIS) Service Assn.

FBI Agents Assn.

National Insurance Crime Bureau

Assn. of Certified Fraud Examiners

Assn. of Certified Fraud Specialists

Military Officers Assn. of America

Army & Air Force Mutual Aid Assn (assists families of deceased service members)

TriCare (Military Health Services)

Veteran Compensation Program Directory (not a US Gov't website) Military Benefits Info (not a US Gov't website)

DoD MyPay

Military War Stories (at

Forensic Science

Forensic Science Organizations

Scientific Working Groups - standards, guidelines and best practices for forensic evidence

Latent Print Examination

FM 19-20 Law Enforcement Investigations (1985 version PDF document)

FBI Forensic Services Handbook (PDF document)

Zeno's Forensic Science LinkedIn Page

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Army Reserve Units Army Recruiting Centers

Salary Calculators

USA Jobs (Worldwide Listing of Federal Jobs)

Some Current Federal Investigator Job Listings at

Federal Gov't Salaries and Wages


CID Agent Program

Law Enforcement Jobs at

VA Job Links

Federal Bureau of Investigation Jobs

America's Job Bank (Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor)

US Jobs (includes some Federal - not as good as the above DOL link) (not an official US Gov't website)

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Stars and Stripes

Google News

CID in the News (at Google)

CEO Express

AP News

Obituary Finder (at

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The CID Agents Association is a nonprofit organization primarily serving Active Duty, Reserve, Retired and Former US Army CID Agents.

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