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Are you missing our newsletter (The Badge is published 4 times a year)? Maybe you’ve moved and forgotten to let us know. Or did you change your telephone number or e-mail address and now you’re missing out on important e-mails or telephone calls because no one knows your new contact information? Did you know that this information (plus much more) is what goes into the annual membership roster (the Gold Book)? Is your information in the Gold Book current?

If you’ve changed any of your information recently and not yet reported the change to the CIDAA, please do so at this time. Just access the
Membership Profile Changes/Update form, print it out and complete it then do one of the following:

1. Mail it to CIDAA, 555 Frog Rd, Locust Grove, GA 30248-3750


2. Once filled out, scan it and e-mail the scanned file to:

Membership Profile Changes/Update Form (print out and complete the form)

Alternatively, you can just include the changed information in an e-mail and send those changes to:

In any case, please be sure to include your membership card number to help verify your identity.

Thank you!
The CID Agents Association is a nonprofit organization primarily serving Active Duty, Reserve, Retired and Former US Army CID Agents.

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