To make an online donation to the CID Agents Association, please click the donate button below.

If you are making the donation in memory of a particular person, please send details to both the Editor and the Membership Chairperson.

For email, please send details to
For snail-mail, please send details to

  Jack Fay
  CIDAA Editor
  11003 Big Canoe
  Big Canoe GA 30143-5141
  Warren L. Cox
  CIDAA Membership Chairperson
  165 Birch Creek Circle
  McDonough GA 30253-5137

If you would like to call us, here are our phone numbers:
  Jack Fay, CIDAA Editor (706)268-1612
  Warren Cox, CIDAA Membership Chairperson (770)363-1188
For additional Information about donations submission, please call or text Warren Cox at (770)363-1188
The CID Agents Association is a nonprofit organization primarily serving Active Duty, Reserve, Retired and Former US Army CID Agents.

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